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Top 10 Capacitor Solutions Companies - 2022

Although the ebb tide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on production sources— causing shifts in customer preferences and changes to business policies—innovation in capacitor development is booming. This innovation is evident by a need for efficient, high-performance electrical energy storage materials that evolve in parallel with an ever-increasing demand for energy sources in mobile and automotive applications.

Notably, the recent headline in developments of the capacitor is AC filtering film capacitor. The AC filtering film capacitors ensure stable capacitance and equivalent series resistance (ESR) values over a long service life while operating under harsh environmental conditions. Compared to previous-generation devices, AC filtering series capacitors offer higher humidity robustness at a lower cost while maintaining the same footprint. Similarly, a high-voltage (HV) capacitor offers businesses immense stability and power flow control, resilience, and reliability and segments the power system to enhance the grid's flexibility. HV capacitors are in extensive applications across the electronics, utility, automotive, and chemical industries.

Moreover, manufacturers are progressively utilizing low-voltage ceramic capacitors in every component of a smartphone due to increasing requirements for technological complexity, enhanced functionality, and efficiency.

At this juncture, there is a variety of capacitor solution providers available in the market that cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the company that best fits their requirement, Semiconductor Review has compiled a list of the top 10 capacitor solution providers. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s, “Top 10 Capacitor Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Capacitor Solutions Companies

  • Richardson Electronics brings together a deep understanding of engineering, wide-ranging capabilities, and a worldwide network to deliver high-quality products. The company distributes and manufactures high-power, high-frequency electronic components and sub-assemblies for more than 20,000 customers in OEM and end-user (MRO) markets. For over 75 years, Richardson Electronics has been the industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, power grid, and microwave tubes. The company also provides solutions and adds value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair.

  • PolyCharge develops and produces truly disruptive, high energy density, high-temperature capacitors through its proprietary NanoLam™ technology. The company’s NanoLam™ capacitors utilize super-thin polymer dielectric layers, formulated for high dielectric constant and excellent self-healing properties, that are formed in line with the metal electrode deposition process, resulting in a self-supported, large area, capacitor composite, which is segmented into individual self-healing capacitors. With many innovative capabilities, PolyCharge NanoLam™ capacitors exhibit stable capacitance, higher breakdown strength, and equivalent series resistance (ESR) across a broad temperature and frequency range with lifetimes measured in hundreds of thousands of hours.

  • Tecdia provides high performance quality single layer capacitors consistently and reliably for mass production. The company helps electronic device manufacturers reduce their product lead time by ensuring the uninterrupted supply of wire bondable parallel plate SLCs. Tecdia’s high-K, Grain Boundary Barrier Layer (GBBL) based capacitors boast a dielectric constant of up to 50,000, which is the highest in the market for mass production. The company works closely with clients while continuously observing their development activities to deliver competitively priced, customized, and complete SLC devices specific to their electronic component needs.

  • AmRad Engineering

    AmRad Engineering

    American Radionic and it’s AmRad division hold numerous patents and trademarks on its film capacitor designs and maintains a technology and licensing group for collaborative work with worldwide capacitor manufacturers and for complete “turn-key” services

  • Cornell Dubilier

    Cornell Dubilier

    Cornell Dubilier provide customers with optimized capacitor solutions by offering easy access to knowledgeable and helpful support teams from design through delivery

  • Evans Capacitor Company

    Evans Capacitor Company

    Evans Capacitor Company is a privately held, AS9100/ISO 9001 certified, ITAR registered, small business headquartered in East Providence, RI. We develop and manufacture advanced capacitors for aerospace, defense, and other demanding applications

  • Ioxus


    Taking advantage of heritage and strategic partnerships, Ioxus brings experienced and flexible manufacturing capabilities to the clean tech industry by manufacturing ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitor business

  • Tecate Group

    Tecate Group

    Tecate offers a wide range of standard and custom ultracapacitor modules and cells for sale in various voltage and capacitance levels

  • United Chemi-Con

    United Chemi-Con

    United Chemi-Con, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con, was established in the United States in 1970. The company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in North America, with more than 8,000 unique products available

  • Vishay Intertechnology

    Vishay Intertechnology

    Vishay manufactures one of the world’s largest portfolios of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components that are essential to innovative designs in the automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets